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In Scotland if a person dies without leaving a will there are laws to deal with what happens with their estate. The resulting process can cause delays in winding up the estate and is an unnecessary expense. Many people wrongly assume that making a Will is a lengthy and costly process and decide to put it off for another day. In reality, making a Will is a simple process which saves on expense and inconvenience to your family later.

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Losing a loved one is a difficult time for us all. Whether or not there is a Will, families are faced with the upsetting task of winding up the estate. On some occasions this can be attended to by the family however in a lot of cases, particularly where there is property involved, the services of a Solicitor are required. Our dedicated and experienced Executry department can help ease the burden by attending to this process.

  • Wills & Executries Stirling

  • Wills & Executries Stirling

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